Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker Installation In  Austin Texas

As energy needs go up, there are more and more short circuits in low voltage electrical networks. The protective switchgear is put through a lot in terms of switching capacity, reliability, and safety.

Because of its unique technical features, the Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker can meet all of these needs. Thermal and electromagnetic trip functions are built-in to protect against the effects of overload and short-circuit currents.

Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker Installation

In the Texas cities of Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and San Marcos, Dunman Electric installs and fixes heavy-duty circuit breakers for business owners.

If your company has a lot of power surges, it might be time to set up a meeting with them so that you don’t have to shut down equipment, which wastes time and could cause you to lose important data. 

Switch to a heavy-duty circuit breaker to stop this from happening. There is also a chance of fire when these kinds of power surges happen. What is the problem exactly, and how should it be fixed? Most of the time, a commercial electrician can stop power surges by building special circuits to supply power to sensitive places or with a high load.

Electrical circuits dedicated to single-use appliances or devices are called “dedicated circuits.” Each one has its circuit breaker, which is put as close as possible to the power source.

Many are used with a certain kind of container. Some appliances, like an electric water heater, can be wired into the circuit. Most of the time, these circuits are set aside for sensitive equipment or equipment that needs more power than the other equipment.

Most commercial buildings will need to have these. The circuits may get too full if a commercial electrician doesn’t put these in. This is called overloading when too many big or even small appliances that use a lot of power are plugged into the same outlet.

These kinds of overloads are a big fire risk. Circuit overloads can cause power surges that can damage computers and other machinery. The National Electric Code also says that certain machines and devices must have circuit breakers.

Some Advice on How to Change the Circuit Panel

In old homes in Texas, heavy duty circuit breakers are often needed. You might want to upgrade if your house has a fuse box instead of a panel with circuit breakers. It is not necessary to replace fuses with circuit breakers.

However, it is possible that the fuse panel will not be able to handle the high ampere load from new electrical equipment or the high ampere load from common appliances.

If you need to increase the power of the electrical system, installing circuit breakers in the new electrical panel when it is replaced is a good idea. More wires need to be added to increase the amp capacity to handle the higher electrical current. A licensed electrician who is up-to-date on wiring standards and practices should make any major changes or improvements.