Phone/Tv/Cable Wiring Installation

Phone Wiring

There is still a need for phone wiring in homes, even if many people are getting rid of their landlines because internet service providers typically use phone lines to build up wireless networks in homes. TAG Electrical Contractors can help you fix, replace, or install a phone line that works well, even if your current phone wiring is old, in an awkward place, or not set up for the internet.

Cable Wiring

In every building project, cable wiring should be put in, whether fixing up a basement or adding onto a house. Our electricians can help you set up cable wiring for any TV service, whether you want to build a home theater or put a TV in your new main bedroom so you can watch the game.

Cable Tv Wiring Installation

Cable companies usually handle the installation of cable TV wiring from an above-ground or underground service point to an interface box on the outside of your home. After that, we can take care of the rest of the equipment you need, including the TVs in your home. Will use coaxial cable, cable jacks, connectors, wall boxes, cable splitters, and other tools. Most likely, we’ll use an RG-6 coaxial cable, which has a larger diameter than the original RG-59 line, and an inner shield to help reduce signal interference.

Phone Cable Installation

Dunman Electric can help you set up cable TV and phone systems using the same cables. The only big difference is in how they are used. The cable company will connect your home phone to a network interface device (NID). The NID will then be connected by coaxial cable to the cable company’s broadband network and, finally, to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The NID has a standard phone jack, so you can use any phone that once connected to a regular phone line. So, cable installation is the same as cable TV installation, except it connects to a phone instead of a TV.

Should take several service-specific parts of the application into account. For cable TV installation, you will need a digital set-top box if your TV doesn’t already have a digital tuner. You can get this from your cable company or just about any store selling electronics, and it would be too expensive to use an external cable inside the house.

Network Installation

Fiber optic cable is a new technique to transport data that we can put up for you. With fiber optics, which sends information-packed infrared light waves to computers, TVs, and phones, you can now do with light what you used to do with electricity and copper wiring. To install fiber optic cable in your home network, you’ll need Ethernet, a six-way faceplate with Ethernet, phone MT-RJ fiber and coaxial jacks, and over 100 different connectors. Most homeowners use “multi-mode” cables, which can send signals over shorter distances and are made for that purpose. First, find out if there is fiber-optic service in your area. One company that has fiber-optic service is Verizon.